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Evening Skin Care Routine

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Welcome back! I’m doing a special mid-week post as this is a continuation of my larger skin care series – it’s far too long for one post so I’m breaking it up into three smaller posts! If you haven’t already, you can read about my morning skin care routine here.

Quick disclaimer about my skin: I have normal to combination skin (but it’s more on the normal side usually). I get dehydrated/dry areas around the perimeter of my face, and I get occasional hormonal/bad diet breakouts on my chin mostly. I am 25 years old, so I don’t have too many wrinkles, but lines are definitely starting to appear on my skin, particularly in my expression lines (I frown a lot!). My skin is very fair with lots of freckles. It is prone to mild sensitivity but is otherwise fine.

So, let’s get into my skin care routine that I follow in the evenings.

  1. Remove makeup/SPF with Palmer’s Ultra Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil – $14.99 AUD
Palmer's Ultra Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil
My bottle of this is almost empty eeeek I need to go buy another one ASAP because I can’t live without this stuff!

I prefer an oil-based makeup remover in the evenings, as I find they are most effective, yet most gentle and hydrating. One pump of this oil cleanser is enough – I rub it over my dry face (including my eye area) to remove all my makeup, then I add a little water to create a light lather before rinsing. I love this stuff and will definitely repurchase. It’s affordable, a good size, didn’t break me out or irritate my skin at all, and I think it smells amazing too. I have also tried a similar product from the brand Simple and I liked that too – I just prefer the pump packaging of the Palmer’s. Even when I am not wearing makeup I complete this step as it is important to remove SPF at the end of the day, which I wear every day in some form.

2. Cleanse with Nutrimetics Foaming Facial Cleanser (with Apricot and Marshmallow extract) – $34.00 AUD OR Simple Refreshing Face Wash Gel  – $3.99 AUD (for 50ml) used with my Clarisonic Mia 2 sonic cleansing device

Nutrimetics Foaming Facial Cleanser, Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel with the Clarisonic Mia 2 sonic cleansing device

I do my second cleanse of the evening with this Nutrimetics cleanser. It’s OK, but I do prefer the Skin Clean cleanser from Nutrimetics, which is a creamy milk cleanser. The Foaming Facial Cleanser is a gel-mousse texture and lathers up a bit when applied. It leaves my skin feeling clean and soft, but I just find the Skin Clean more nourishing. I do prefer a cream cleanser in the evening, so when this cleanser runs out I’ll definitely be trying something else from another brand. Nutrimetics is hard to buy – you need to go through a representative. My mother used to be one, which is why I have a few products from Nutrimetics. I find them to be OK, but none of them are mind-blowing products, and for the price combined with how difficult they are to get, I probably won’t be repurchasing from the brand any time soon. So recommendations are welcome!

Twice a week I will do my second cleanse with my Clarisonic cleansing device (read my review here) using the Simple Refreshing Face Wash Gel. I was using the Clinique Sonic Facial Cleansing Soap but as I think I mentioned in my Clarisonic review, I found that to be very stripping, leaving my skin feeling “squeaky clean”, which I dislike. I switched to this small travel size of the Simple cleanser and it’s great. I wanted something basic, something that was gel-based (I cannot use anything oil or cream based with my Clarisonic), something inexpensive, and something that lathered well with my device. This little cleanser ticks all of those boxes, so I highly recommend it for anyone, but especially those with a cleansing device!

Something else that has changed since I wrote my Clarisonic review is the brush head I use on my device. I was using the Sensitive brush head, which I liked well enough. I have since upgraded to the Cashmere Luxe brush head and I love it. It is so soft and gentle and I definitely prefer it to my old one, even though it is slightly more expensive.

3. Tone with Mario Badescu ALPHA Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion

Mario Badescu Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion

This is something I have already talked about in my morning skin care post, so if you are interested in knowing more about this product, head over to that post and have a read!

4. Treat with The Ordinary Buffet serum (outlined in my morning routine, as above)

The Ordinary by Deciem "Buffet" serum

5. Moisturise with Nutrimetics Nutri-Moist Extra Light Moisturising Creme  – $46.00 AUD

Nutrimetics Nutri-Moist Extra Light Moisturising Creme

There are a few versions of this moisturiser on Nutrimetics: a regular, an extra light, and an intensive. My mother bought me this moisturiser in a pack with the cleanser I use and a toner that I ran out of. Even though it is the extra light version it is still very moisturising and nourishing – it just claims to not be as heavy and pore clogging as some thicker moisturisers. This feels very fresh on the skin and sinks in fairly quickly – you could definitely use this moisturiser in the mornings if you wanted to. This comes in quite a big pot, which I don’t love for hygiene reasons, but overall I like this moisturiser. It has a very nostalgic scent for me as my mother and grandmother have been using Nutrimetics for decades and it has that classic Nutrimetics scent with the apricot kernel oil – very nice!

6. Treat under eye area with Dr Lewinn’s Firming Eye Cream – $49.99 AUD

Dr Lewinn's Private Formula Firming Eye Cream

I bought this eye cream (which is really a gel) last year on sale – I definitely didn’t pay full price for this product. It contains vitamin A, elastin, and collagen to firm the under eye area. Aloe vera is added to help soothe and cool the under eye area. This is a clear gel texture with shimmer in it – yep, that’s right, it has shimmer in it. Very pretty to look at, but once applied it fades quite quickly into the skin and the shimmer is gone. I like to apply this at night as it is quite a wet formula and I’m not sure how it would go in the mornings under makeup. I do like this eye cream but I’m not sure it has done amazing things to my under eye area – I still get puffy bags and fine lines. I have been using this product for about a year now and it’s almost empty – once I run out I will try another product. I want something more anti-ageing and intensive in the evenings so I’ll be looking out for a product that offers that at an affordable price (hopefully).

7. Apply a nourishing lip balm

Mario Badescu Lip Wax, Hurraw! Moon Balm and Go-To Skin Care Lips! balm

My favourites are the Hurraw! Moon Balm Blue Chamomile – $6.45 AUD (literally the best lip balm I have ever used in the evenings, I love it so much), the Go-To Skin Care Lips! – $15.00 AUD, and the Mario Badescu Lip Wax – $6.00 AUD. I cannot go to sleep without applying a lip balm – my lips get so dry, especially in the colder months.

8. Apply LUSH Helping Hands hand cream – $19.50 AUD for 100g

LUSH Cosmetics Helping Hands hand cream

In the colder months my hands suffer terribly from chilblains – I can barely get them wet without extreme pain and bleeding. I used all different kinds of medicated creams but none have come close to giving me the relief that this hand cream does. I have repurchased this cream countless times and will continue to do so – it’s a life saver! I use it year round because why not? Your hands need looking after too! I do this step right before bed because this does leave a greasy residue on the hands. If you suffer from dry hands or chilblains run to Lush right now and pick this up – you won’t regret it!

So that concludes my evening skin care routine. I’d really love to know any skin care products you recommend for me – leave me a comment!

My next post will be on Sunday, discussing my current weekly skin treatments! Stay tuned for that.

Much love,



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  1. I have loved reading this little series. I have read similar posts about skincare routines but they’ve been so long, I end up skipping through them so I’m glad you split it up and it made me want to read the next one. Great post Sarah 🙌

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